Kindle – yes or no?

11 May

So for my 20th birthday last year I recieved my Kindle, something which I was sceptical about getting until I actually had it in my hands. I love books, my bedroom still has shelves of them stacked up, I have various series’ which have taken me years to find, and I was concerned reading on a Kindle would take away the fun of getting a new book and breaking that spine for the first time. As soon as I got it though, I instantly loved it. A year and a bit later, I have about 48 titles on it, and I love the speed at which you can just buy another book. There’s no waiting for it to be delivered, or hanging around not reading because you’re waiting for your next chance to get out and buy one.

Granted, I do miss the bright, fun covers and having the feel of a brand new novel there in your hands, but overall they’re amazing for someone who is on the move and reads a new title weekly (aka me).

The only author I won’t buy on Kindle is Janet Evanovich, who writes the hilarious crime Stephanie Plum series. I have 19 books by her, and I like that some are newer than others, some hardback, some paperback, some I bought brandnew and som I picked up in charity shops because I couldn’t wait for Amazon to deliver the next. But other than Evanovich, I know buy all my books on Kindle, unless I have no other choice.

I recently read a quote by Dawn O’Porter, whose debut novel Paper Aeroplanes came out on 2nd May (review coming soon). She said that she owns a Kindle, but made the decision to release her book in paperback first, before a later electronic release. Wanting readers to have the pleasure of seeing her words on paper, to look properly at the cover and have that feeling of holding a new book in their hands, I understand where she’s coming from. So for this, I’m about to place my order, and wait for the book to come in the post.

Despite my love for my Kindle, I am excited to have hold of a good book, a rare treat nowadays.


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